Stripe Integration

Connect to your Stripe account to receive online payments directly

Feature Highlights

Accept Payment Online
Integrate your FieldSumo account with your Stripe account and accept payment online before or after the job.
Request Payment
Send online payment requests directly to customers via email.
Collect Deposits
Collect deposits before confirming jobs by sending payment requests to customers
Decrease Collection Periods
Make it easier for your customers to pay by offering online payment as an option

How can it help you?

Collect Payment Faster

Offer your customers with an easy online alternative for payment so that you can collect your money faster. All you need to do is send them a link via email and they can use it to enter their card details to make a payment.

Collect Money Before Jobs

You can even send payment requests before you start jobs in order to collect your deposit. This way you can still collect your deposits without having to bother your customers.
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